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Advantages of Semantic Web Technologies in the Knowledge-Based Society

With a big leap in the communication devices in the past two decades, we are enjoying super fast ways of communicating with people sitting in different corners of the world. The internet has provided us with comfort to connect with the world while we are relaxing at home. The semantic web technologies have also developed in the past years and continue to grow as its application becomes more necessary in different fields, including IT, economic, social, political, and health sectors.

What is semantic web technologies?

web technologies

Today the researchers are finding new ways of making data and the relations between the data understandable for the computers. The challenge today is to make computers realize the semantic of all kinds of data so that they can be used in different fields using their AI. With semantic web technologies, the content on the web will also become machine-readable along with human-readable. Here are some of the advantages of semantic web technologies that we can experience as it continues to develop.

Knowledge representation

When we use the search engines to do research or communicate with a person through an online platform, the computer is only transferring the data(Must Watch) from a user to a user. It is not intelligent enough to comprehend the data. But with semantics, we can make the computers understand the information that is being shared through concepts and other sources of text, images, videos, etc.

Improved Languages

Improved Languages

With technologies such as OWL, we can now process the content of information using computers instead of simply presenting the data. OWL facilitates greater machine interpretability as compared to previous languages such as XML and RDF. The Simple Knowledge Organisation System (SKOS) is also an RDF extension language which can describe the concepts and its content in formats and tools which are understandable to the computers. Both OWL and SKOS can be used together to create vocabularies for computers to make the data understandable.

The future web trends

In future, the internet is going to impact most of the appliances and security systems of our homes. With future technologies, we can expect quick access to any information and provide it to others in no time while maintaining its security and credibility. The computers will be able to realise the online information and make decisions for itself to protect their user’s data. The semantics can be trusted in the future to determine what kind of information is going out of the system rather than just sending the data outside. It will protect important data from leaking. The researchers are working to define the right credibility and reliability of data to the computers in order to eliminate any risks or errors. It will be used by industries to increase the profits and reduce the costs by finding the right solutions based on what the user needs.




The Relation Between Big Data and the Semantic Web

Today’s world is being run on the internet, and every user with an electronic device is influenced by it. Researchers and developers are working on improving the application of internet and AI from the past two decades and have come a long way since then. Today the semantic web technology is being developed to create a rational computer which can read and understand the data with a vocabulary rather than just looking at it as a program or unreadable data. Semantic web technology will help the computers to understand the information of the data and use it for better functions in fields such as health, education, and economics.

Big Data refers to any big amount of data which consists of text, images, videos, tools, and other database systems stored in one place. It has a high-volume and stores billions of information in one place with a high rate of data flow and plenty of different options and formats to the information.

Big data such as Google combines with semantic web technologies can create a massive amount of knowledge for computers. There is a vital link between the semantic web and big data which we will discuss below.

One of the biggest examples of semantic web and big data working together is the Knowledge Graph of Google. The Google Knowledge Graph was first introduced in 2012, which has a semantic knowledge base. This helps in providing better SERPs to the users based on what they search for. One example of such is finding a movie name by typing an incomplete or even incorrect dialogue which still directs you to that movie. It not only provides the most accurate search results but also offer other relevant searches for the users to search for more. Today the knowledge graph contains more than a billion objects and over 18 billion facts which connect these objects to each other. It helps in making the engine understand the purpose of the searches in order to search for relevant results. The knowledge graph is growing every day, creating better search results for people.

data flow

The other major connection between big data and semantic web is social media. Facebook has the Facebook Open Graph Protocol, which enables any web page to convert to a rich object and project it on the social graph. The Facebook Graph Search is also a semantic search engine which offers answers to the informal queries of the users. It was first introduced in 2013, and today it has over one billion users. Facebook graph search works with Big Data and provides advanced and accurate user-specific search results.

There are many graph databases which are powerful enough to store big data applications, such as AllegroGraph and Oracle Spatial and Graph. They can store up to 1 trillion triples and offer a load rate of up to 1.4 million triples per second.




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